General information

Flower teas mostly come from China and often consist of tied together leaf tips of young white teas.



Flower teas consist of a mixture of two components: tea and flowers. Green, white, yellow, oolong, red or black tea is used, and chrysanthemums, roses, jasmine and many others are used as flowers.
The tea leaves, in combination with the flowers, are partly processed by hand into balls, tips or flower shapes.
Flower tea is sensitive and therefore not suitable for long storage. It should therefore be consumed within one year.



Blossoms and tea must be coordinated in terms of temperature and brewing time.

Temperature: individually either 75 – 90°C or 100°C
Dosage: one “ball” per jug
Brewing time: approx. 2 minutes or longer

Several infusions possible!
Extend the infusion time by one minute for each additional infusion!



Flower teas have different effects, depending on the teas and flowers used.
In general, flower teas stimulate the state of mind and increase well-being.